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Parent Informational Video

"Legacy Dream is a true performing arts conservatory. Students will grow in all areas of the performing arts:  Acting, Dance and Voice.  It is designed to allow every student to reach their full potential while still allowing time for family, homework, and other activities.  It is our goal to prepare our students to succeed in whatever dream they choose."

Next Audition:

December 5th, 2020  @10am

Mapping Your Star's Future

"Legacy Dream is a true performing arts conservatory. Artists will have the opportunity to grow in all areas of the performing arts: Acting, Musical Theatre, and Dance. The conservatory is designed to offer classes to every artist on every level allowing them to reach their full potential while preparing them for college/career on or off stage. The Dream program is designed to allow artists the maximum amount of training and experience, while still allowing time for family, homework, and other activities. It is our goal to prepare our students to succeed in whatever dream they choose."

Bethany Smith

Co-Owner & Founder


Step 1: Audition

Every Spring we will hold auditions for Legacy Dream. Students do not

prepare anything for the audition and prior experience is not necessary.

Your student will be evaluated in Acting, Singing, and Dance. It is our

goal to make the audition process stress free and fun while allowing us

to choose the best possible track for your dreamer.

Step 2: Receive Evaluation & Schedule

If your student is accepted into Dream, they will receive a detailed

evaluation sheet highlighting their strengths and approved levels

of training. This also includes a suggested focus track (Acting, Musical Theatre, or Dance), detailed schedule, and progression outline to ensure your student can reach their full potential. *Students that are not yet ready for DREAM will also receive feedback, a suggested training schedule and can re-audition at the next audition date.

Step 3: Pick Schedule & Dream!

Once approved, they have complete control of their electives and

schedule! Students can pick preferred days, times, electives, and

summer opportunities! Once selected, your dreamer can begin their

journey! They will even receive a Dream Jacket!

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© 2017 by Legacy. All Rights Reserved.