• Bethany Hayes Smith

A Producer's Perspective

As the Executive Producer of The Legacy Theatre, I have had quite the unique vantage point for the past 15 years. Sometimes I wonder if I can keep up this pace of producing nearly 10 productions a year. Then a show like Matilda comes along. Empowerment. The Under Dog. The Visionary. Kids accomplishing more than they ever thought imaginable! THIS IS WHY I DO THIS! I adore seeing kids feel empowered enough to chase THEIR dreams! This picture (by Steve Thrasher) captures this so beautifully! Young lady in picture: My student who grew up on our stage and is now performing in her first professional show! I believe in this picture she is thinking about how she is about to soar as a Freshman in Musical Theatre at Florida State! Young boy in front row: One of our newest students. He found Legacy, found his second home. I believe he is living his best life in this picture with his new found confidence and passion he didn't know was there a year ago! Young man in back row: Landed his first professional musical gig at Legacy 3 years ago. I have been privileged to see him grow into the confident triple threat he now is. I believe this captures his excitement about the future of being on staff at Legacy and inspiring all of these young performers! Keep dreaming, keep soaring!!

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